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Welcome to EARTH AM I ™ (LLC)  a beautiful vibration of eco-friendly books and apparel with a purpose.
EARTH AM I  (LLC) was conceived out of one idea:  HARMONY!
Harmony is at the center of energy balance.  From one atom to a dew drop, we are (simply stated) like water, an elemental ripple. The more aware we are to energies around us and within us, the more aligned we are to all of life.  The more aligned we are to the natural environment, the more equilibrium we can achieve within self, community, and our world.
Part of this awareness is being in-tune with and understanding the unspoken language of our earth. By wearing one of our t-shirts and/or purchasing our books, you are reflecting back to the earth a beautiful vibration.  We hope you find our t-shirts and books inspiring, motivating, and mindful after all, you are what you wear and what you read!

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